Give your carpets a new lease of life

At Aviemore Laundry we have noticed over the years there are many reasons our customers hire our carpet cleaners!

They may just feel that their home’s carpets need freshened up, to get rid of stains caused by children or smells caused by pets which will make them feel ‘as good as new’.

Maybe they own a business like a restaurant, hotel or retail outlet and they want to give their business premises a makeover and clean the carpets that experience a large amount of customer footfall on an annual basis.

On hand for emergencies

Or maybe they’re holidaying in the area and have rented a property to stay in and had a spillage and need to get the carpet cleaned so they don’t incur a damages bill!

Whatever the reason, the good news is that here are Aviemore Laundry, we can help by renting out our portable carpet cleaner.   

The carpet cleaner, which is no bigger than a household vacuum cleaner, is extremely portable, very easy to use and available to our customers for a daily rental fee. Our friendly team at Aviemore Laundry are on hand to explain how the carpet cleaner works when you either pick it up at our shop or when it is dropped off to you at your preferred location.

How it works

Our carpet cleaners work by ‘wet cleaning’ your carpets, but don’t worry they do dry very quickly. They use a detergent which can be bought from Aviemore Laundry (for a small additional fee) or you may choose to purchase your own detergent, which can generally be found in most supermarkets and DIY stores.

When you hire and use a carpet cleaner from Aviemore Laundry it’s a great way of freshening up your home or business premises, making your carpets look like new again and also extending the lifespan of your carpets.

Our carpet cleaners are always in demand, so we’d always suggest that you pre-book them so you can ensure you have it for your preferred date(s), guaranteeing that it’s ready for you when you need it.

To book a carpet cleaner from Aviemore Laundry simply call us on 01479 810462 or email us at